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Recovery Medical Associates | Outpatient Services

The Treatment Center has been awarded the
Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.

Recovery Medical Associates

As part of The Treatment Center of Family Care, we wanted to provide the most unique comprehensive services for our patients. The Treatment Center Outpatient Services is changing the way drug and alcohol addiction is treated by putting our patients first, from initial detox to aftercare.

Recovery Medical Associates (RMA) is a “one-stop” medical service. Patients have the resources to restore their health and wellness with holistic care, medical services and routine exams. As a community-focused professional practice, the caring and compassionate staff at RMA aim to maximize health by providing continuous medical care for patients recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism.  

Treatments and Medical Services Offered

Routine Testing

  • Lab Testing
  • Rapid Flu, Strep Tests
  • Confidential STD Testing 
  • Urinalysis
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Drug Screens
  • Wound and Urine Cultures
  • EKG

Specialized Testing

  • Basic Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry)
  • Comprehensive Blood Tests, Including Complete Blood Count (CBC), 
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP),
  • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP), Prothrombin Time (PT),
  • Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT), 
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
  • Lipid Panel and Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Benefits of Comprehensive Care

Medication Management

RMA understands the challenges that arise from taking medications while in recovery and only prescribes medications that are conducive to maintaining sobriety. Holistic and natural treatments are an option that is often explored. RMA staff monitors the patient’s medication regimen to ensure that all medications are working together towards the patient’s maximum health. 

Holistic Services

RMA patients have access to a wide variety of holistic therapies such as massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic services. These services can be included as a natural and non-narcotic alternative in treatment for many conditions, including chronic pain management.

Walk-in Care

Registered patients of Recovery Medical Associates have access to walk-in care as well as prescription medication management. Should any of our patients need medical care, they are able to stop by any time during our business hours to receive immediate attention.

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