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Pain Management Track | Intensive Outpatient Services

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Outpatient Pain Management Track

Pain ManagementOur patients often suffer from chronic pain due to past injuries or from the physical effects drug and alcohol addiction has caused over time. Whether patients are suffering from acute pain (short-term) or chronic pain (long-term), pain management can also include various holistic therapies in addition to or in place of medication management. 

At The Treatment Center Outpatient Services, our dedicated and passionate staff enjoys helping our patients heal from the pain of addiction and thrive in early recovery. With around-the-clock care, we ensure our patients have the resources and support necessary to progress throughout treatment. 

Benefits of the Pain Management Track

Our pain management track helps our patients heal from chronic pain with a variety of holistic therapeutic methods. We are passionate about managing our patients’ pain in a safe and effective manner while restoring their health. 

At The Treatment Center Outpatient Services, we provide a four-phase individual treatment plan including:

  • Phase 1: Detoxification – patients must detox from drugs or alcohol before starting the pain management process. 
  • Phase 2: Clinical assessment – patients will receive a full assessment of their physical and psychological history so our medical professionals and therapists can determine the best course of treatment. 
  • Phase 3: Individual counseling – patients will continue their individual counseling with a primary therapist to discuss any underlying issues that may be contributing to their distress, anxiety, and depression from pain.
  • Phase 4: Therapeutic holistic services – once our patients have completed the first three stages they can take advantage of all of our therapeutic holistic services.


Often, our patients have a history of opiate addiction, whether from prescription pain pills, heroin or morphine. By transitioning through the above phases, patients eventually turn away from medication management to more holistic and healthier long-term methods of pain management. 

Why Holistic Pain Management Matters

Pain Management - Outpatient Services

It’s a huge misconception that pain medication eliminates pain; instead, it alleviates or reduces pain, but only for a short time. The pain is still present, no matter how many pills a person takes. 

Most people who rely on pain medication due to injury or recreational use become dependent on it because their tolerance levels spike. The more they take pain pills, the less pain they feel; however, this increases their reliance on it and the false belief it’s the only way to “cure” pain. 

Pain is not just physical, but can be psychological as well and often symptoms affect one another simultaneously. Our pain management track teaches our patients that with holistic care and therapy, they can decrease their reliance on pain medication and see improvements in their health without feeling the need to take pain pills. Call Today (844) 211-7944

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