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Life Skills Program | Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The Treatment Center has been awarded the
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Life Skills Counseling Service 

life-based-skills.jpgOne of the most exciting parts of recovery is that you get to start over. The past is but a memory. You can do and be anything you want to be today. Our life skills services can teach you necessary skills for long-term sobriety. To speak with a drug and alcohol counselor about our life skills services, call us now at (844) 211-7944.

Valuable Life Skills

Our experienced and professional therapists know what skills our patients need in order to rebuild their lives. Through group and individual counseling sessions, patients will learn important skills that will help bring structure and stability to their lives.

Patients learn the following skills at The Treatment Center Outpatient Services:

• Time management

• Anger management

• Listening skills

• Budgeting

• Planning

• Prioritizing

• Career development

• Meditation

• How to manage positive and/or negative emotions

We find that many of our patients do not know how to set boundaries. Our life skills services will teach patients how to set boundaries with family, friends, loved ones and acquaintances.

Life Skills Help - Outpatient Treatment

Stable Relationships

Relationships are a common stressor for people in recovery. Through our life skills services, patients will learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships with spouses, significant others, family members, friends and co-workers.

If you have any questions about our life skills services, call us immediately at 561-318-4000. Our drug and alcohol counselors are here to help you start on the path to recovery.

Rebuild Your Life Today

At The Treatment Center Outpatient Services, we are dedicated to helping you build a sober life. After participating in life skills services, you will know how to deal with the stressors in everyday life.

To find out more about our intensive outpatient program, call us now at (844) 211-7944. We are available 24/7 to address your needs.

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