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Court Liaison Assistance at Outpatient Services

Many of our patients come to us with legal woes. There are often questions and concerns about receiving treatment while dealing with legal issues, court dates, case management and probation violations.

The Purpose and Benefits of the Court Liaison Program

Court Liaison Services HeaderIt’s an unfortunate truth that many people who struggle with substance abuse and addiction also struggle with the law, money, or both. When it comes to the law, the individuals facing legal problems may be dealing with more than court proceedings related to their drug crimes. Many of them also have legal obligations having to do with family problems, such as divorce and custody battles. In short, many of these issues require such immediate attention that addiction recovery is not made a priority. In fact, one of the most common reasons why people in need of substance abuse treatment do not to seek help is because they’d rather focus on their legal and financial issues— most of which probably came about as a result of their addiction.

With the court liaison program at our Lake Worth Outpatient facility, our goal is to make it easier for our patients to communicate with the appropriate legal parties so they can successfully complete their treatment. Under the guidance of our supervising attorney, we facilitate communication between patients and their legal representatives. It is our philosophy to give our patients peace of mind so they can more fully commit to recovery.

Court Liaison Services at The Treatment Center Outpatient Services

Our court liaison services program was constructed to handle a wide variety of legal issues that many people regularly face, ranging from settlements to court hearings. The professional liaisons in our program will meet with you, your attorneys and other legal representatives you may have to help all of you stay on top of your ongoing legal issues during addiction treatment. Most of the time, you won’t even need to be involved in this process. Our court liaison professionals are trained to handle the majority of your legal and council needs so that you can continue to focus on your recovery without any stressors or distractions.

Court Liaison at Outpatient Services

We Can Ease the Burden

Juggling court dates, learning law jargon and building a case for yourself when you are in the middle of addiction treatment and recovery is a challenge that no one should have to face. In truth, attempting to navigate all of these legal responsibilities alone would probably not help you. 

Substance addiction is known to heavily influence a person’s decision-making. These effects would probably still be lingering during the early stages of detox and other therapies. Remember, your brain is essentially being cleaned— and since every patient is different, there’s no way of knowing when the fog of addiction will lift away from your judgement. So, dealing with your legal battles without help would be overwhelming and a source for undue stress, which may end up slowing down the recovery process and increasing the risk of relapse.

With help from the court liaisons services program, you won’t have to worry about any of that. We’ll help you make all the necessary preparations for upcoming legal proceedings so you can focus on what’s really important— getting sober.

Court Liaison at Outpatient Services

At The Treatment Center Outpatient Services, the Court Liaison Program helps patients focus on their recovery from drugs and alcohol instead of worrying about legal issues. The Court Liaison Program is integrated into every facet of treatment, from the admissions process to clinical decisions and aftercare planning.

Not only does the Court Liaison Program help facilitate legal communication, we also provide a variety of services and assistance such as:

  • Complete treatment documentation
  • Staff court appearances
  • Public defender and private attorney consultation
  • Compliance with court-ordered treatment
  • Compliance with drug court and veteran’s treatment court requirements and appearances
  • Transportation to local court appearances
  • Nationwide attorney referrals
  • Facilitation of communication between multiple attorneys
  • Outpatient drug and alcohol assessment scheduling
  • Video Court Proceedings
  • Confidential meetings with legal representatives 
  • Direct communication with probation officers, law enforcement and caseworkers to maintain compliance 

With intensive treatment and close supervision, the Court Liaison Program helps patients remain accountable, meet their court obligations, and stay clean and sober.

If you or your loved one has legal issues that need to be handled during addiction treatment, please call us immediately at (844) 211-7944. Our admissions counselors are available for a confidential chat. We will answer your questions 24/7, including holidays.


The Court Liaison Program is a service of The Treatment Center Outpatient Services and should never be considered formal legal representation. Hiring a private attorney for personal representation is a serious decision and is always recommended by the Court Liaison Program.

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