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Outpatient Christian Addiction Counseling 

Christian Counseling - OSIf you would like to heal from addiction and addiction-related issues through the Christian faith, our outpatient Christian addiction counseling program may be a great fit for you. Our licensed Christian addiction counselors and pastors can guide you toward deepening your faith and relying on the Power of Christ to improve your life.

To speak with a counselor about our Christian treatment program, call us now at (844) 211-7944.

  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Christ Centered 12 Step Programs
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Convenient Hours
  • Experienced Christian Counselors
  • Local Church Support
  • Prayer and Bible Based Meditation

Advantages of Christian Addiction Counseling

At The Treatment Center Outpatient Services, our experienced staff is focused on treating every aspect of the individual, not just the addiction. In our Christian outpatient program, patients participate in pastoral counseling, group therapy sessions, 12-step programs, bible study, worship and prayer. In addition to treating substance abuse, our Christian counselors are available to address patients’ religious or spiritual concerns.

Another advantage of faith-based treatment is that patients are able to connect with other people with similar beliefs. Upon completion of the program, patients will have all of the necessary tools to begin a sober life.

Whether you’re battling drugs, alcohol, or both, our outpatient Christian addiction counseling program can start you on the road to recovery.

For additional information about our addiction treatment programs, call our drug and alcohol counselors today at 561-318-4000. We are available 24/7 to answer your enrollment questions.

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Questions about Faith Based Programs and Spirituality

christian Counseling GroupsPerhaps you are not a Christian, but you have an interest in learning more about the faith and how it can help you heal from addiction. We welcome you too, because God welcomes all those who seek to know, understand and love themselves as He certainly does.

Call us now and let us show you how rewarding a personal relationship with God can be to help you grow in faith, love, and hope to live a happier life in recovery. Christian outpatient programs work. Start your new life today.

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