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Case Management Services | Outpatient Rehab Programs

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Case Management Services at Outpatient Services

At The Treatment Center Outpatient Services, our therapists work closely with our case managers to provide assistance to patients who need help getting back on their feet. Our staff thoroughly assesses each patient and then identifies their social and psychological stressors. After a patient’s stressors have been identified, we help them obtain the necessary resources to move forward with their lives.

Case Management Services - Outpatient Services

Our experienced case managers provide the following resources:


For many patients, finding stable employment is a necessary step in maintaining a sober lifestyle. Our case managers help patients with their job search, along with providing them interviewing tips, workforce development referrals, resume and cover letter development.


Living in a safe and clean environment is essential to long-term sobriety. Our case managers help patients find housing at a recovery residence, also referred to as a sober house, if necessary. We work closely with the recovery residences to ensure that the patient is comfortable and is being treated with dignity and respect.


Outpatient ServicesPutting food on the table is a common stressor for many patients. Case management services can help patients apply for food stamps. In addition, we can also connect patients with community organizations that provide food to those in need.

Medical Resources

If a patient has a health condition that needs to be attended to, case management services can help the patient find a physician. We will work with the patient to locate a medical professional that accepts his/her insurance plan. Typically, The Treatment Center Outpatient Services partners with Recovery Medical Associates for most of our patients’ medical needs.

Relapse Prevention

By connecting patients with community resources, we can help alleviate patients’ social and psychological stressors. This, in turn, allows them to take care of themselves and focus on their recovery. Managing stressors is a vital component to relapse prevention.


Through rehab, our patients often find clarity and develop plans for a sober and successful life. During treatment, a patient may set personal and professional goals. A common goal for many patients is to further their education. Our case managers assist patients with these goals from helping them search for the proper educational institutions to assisting them with grant applications and tuition waivers. We work tirelessly to help our patients start on the right path.

Family Relationships

Oftentimes, our patients have strained relationships with their family members and loved ones. Our staff can provide them with internal and external resources that help them build healthy relationships. We also offer family counseling to all of our patients.

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Start the Recovery Process at Outpatient Services

Sometimes, you may need help finding the right recovery residence to live in, finding assistance to help pay for everyday essentials, learning the bus schedule or charting the right course for your future, such as educational, career or family goals.

You are not alone. We are here to help.

Call us immediately at (844) 211-7944, and we will help you any way we can.

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