Can a Faith-Based Program Help with My Addiction Recovery?

Can a faith based program help with addiction recovery?

According to the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson, one of the major similarities in those with drug and alcohol addictions is their lack of spirituality. Faith-based addiction programs have proven to be extremely useful for the recovery process, as faith plays a big part in those who continue on their path to recovery, and those who are quick to relapse.

At The Outpatient Treatment Center in Lake Worth Florida, we have a wonderful team of pastors and Christian-based staff. We understand that drug and alcohol addiction isn’t only about the substances, but also about the internal wellness of a person. Spirituality can provide patients with a fresh sense of purpose and an internal understanding of themselves. For example, incorporating prayer into one’s daily life can prove to be a healthier way of coping, as opposed to turning to drugs and alcohol. By using options like prayer, or even meditation, these personal choices can help maintain sobriety by reducing stress and anxiety. By the reduction of such things, the chances of relapsing are less.

How is our Faith-Based Program Unique?

Our patients partake in a 12-step program that helps them to experience a rejuvenating connection to the mind, body, and spirit. There are different activities that we use to elevate our patients to their best sense of self. One of our activities is life skill training. It can be difficult to readjust to life after treatment, we know that it can be daunting to step out into the world. Our experienced therapists understand what skills may be necessary and which may need to be fostered. Life skills cover topics such as time management, listening, budgeting, planning, career development, anger control, meditation, and how to manage emotions and healthy relationships.

Our Mindfulness programs also help dealing with some of those tense emotions. The idea behind this type of therapy is to teach our patients how to be mindful of their feelings, without judging them. This allows each person to observe their emotions, rather than act on them, allowing each patient to practice control. Living in the present can be extremely healing for those who are victims of addiction. By practicing mindfulness, stress levels, memory, mood, and thought patterns can all be improved, which then too strengthens the road to recovery.

A few alternative activities in our faith-based addiction program are pastoral counseling, meditation, bible study, worship services, our 12-step meetings, and peer recovery support groups. At The Outpatient Treatment Center, we understand how intense something as recovery can be and we also know that faith and spirituality can provide a significant difference in how that recovery process plays out. If you’re a victim of substance abuse, our therapists and pastors can help get you back on track and into a more fulfilling life.