The Best Programs Available in Intensive Outpatient Rehab

intensive outpatient rehab

Most people are quick to blame the addicts for their substance use. However, addiction is not a choice. It is a disease; one that alters the brain. This is why medical professionals nationwide call addiction a “substance use disorder,” or SUD. Like with many conditions, genetics and environment are significant factors in the development of addiction. Plus, the effects on long-term health are staggering. With this in mind, it’s not fair to label addiction as entirely preventable. This is why treatment is necessary, as it would be for any disease. The problem is this: who has the time to dedicate to recovery? Actually, everyone does. Recovery doesn’t have to bring your schedule— or your life— to a screeching halt. Intensive outpatient rehab facilities offer many of the same programs, services, and recovery benefits as any residential treatment center. Better yet, the best ones have the same rates of success.

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Identifying Signs of Addiction in a Loved One

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More than 23.5 million people in the United States today are struggling with substance use disorders, better known as addiction. Unfortunately, only a fraction of them will receive the treatment they need to get and stay sober. The vast majority of people with substance use disorders don’t seek help for many reasons, but the primary one seems to be denial. As the loved one of a person who uses drugs or alcohol, you’ve probably heard “I don’t have a problem” more times than you can count. Still, you may have reason to believe that there is, in fact, a problem. If you do, there are signs of addiction that you can look for that will either confirm or disprove your suspicions. However, taking note of red flags means fully understanding what addiction is and how your loved one might be affected.

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Dealing with PTSD Triggers in the Workplace

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Post-traumatic stress syndrome, more commonly known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), is a mental condition that often comes hand-in-hand with addiction. PTSD a daily struggle for anyone who copes with it. If you aren’t prepared to handle it, PTSD can have a negative impact on everything from your home life to your social life. Even your job could suffer if you don’t have the right recovery-related coping skills for your PTSD. Most workplace environments are full of triggers that can threaten both your mental health and your sobriety. Fortunately, dealing with PTSD triggers in the workplace isn’t impossible. Learning the kinds of measures you should take to manage your PTSD during addiction recovery in a healthy way will allow you to make progress without compromising your work performance.

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Self-Care in Early Recovery

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Most of us are taught throughout our lives that giving is more important than receiving. We are expected to treat others with compassion, empathy, and kindness. While this is indeed very important for leading a happy and healthy life, it’s just as important to hold ourselves to the same standard. This means being kind to ourselves through acts of self-care. Yet, it seems that treating others well comes more naturally than taking care of ourselves. When it comes to practicing self-care, it can often feel unnatural or even selfish— especially during recovery.

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The Opioid Crisis Causes a Massive Spike in ER Admissions

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According to new data released by the CDC, the number of emergency room visits for opioid overdoses has increased 30% over the span of 14 months. During this time, a total of 1.27 million Americans reportedly needed urgent medical care for opioid-related issues. However, this is not the first time the United States has experienced such a drastic increase in opioid-related ER admissions.

A 2017 Statistical Brief by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) showed a similar spike in hospitalizations. According to the AHRQ’s report, the number of opioid-related hospitalizations nationwide increased by 64% over the course of nine years. During this same time, the number of ER admissions for opioid overdose nearly doubled.

What’s troubling about the AHRQ’s findings is that they show twice the number of opioid-related hospitalizations from the CDC’s report, which was only just released earlier this March. In other words, half a decade’s worth of opioid cases flooded hospitals in just this past year. More information about both reports is shown below.

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The Trump Administration’s Impact on the Opioid Crisis So Far

trump administration

The most recent data shows that roughly 23.5 million Americans are struggling with addiction. This number has slowly grown over the last couple years. The White House seems to have made some progress in combatting this by putting in requests for more government spending. However, much of the public feels that the Trump administration’s impact on the opioid crisis has been minimal. The action that it has taken against the opioid crisis so far dates back to March of last year. This was near the end of Trump’s first 100 days as President of the United States. Here is what the Trump administration has accomplished— or at least set in motion— over the last few months.

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The Dangers of Opioid Use in C-Section Recovery

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Cesarean sections, more commonly called C-sections, are the most common inpatient surgery in American hospitals. Studies have shown that roughly 1.3 million expectant mothers have this procedure every year. Following this procedure, it’s not unusual for doctors to prescribe opioid painkillers for mothers recovering from surgery.

Prescriptions drugs like oxycodone and hydrocodone are the standard for managing discomfort following a C-section. However, the number of pills prescribed depends entirely on the provider. This means that the amount of opioid medication prescribed for pain management may be disproportional to what patients need.

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Multistate Salmonella Epidemic Linked to Kratom Use

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), along with several state public health and regulatory offices, are investigating the cause of a multistate Salmonella outbreak.

The outbreak is thought to have started between October 2017 and January of this year. A reported total of 28 people— from 20 different states— have contracted a strain of salmonella I as of February 16, 2018. While there have been 11 cases of hospitalization, there have been no deaths so far.

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New Pain Relief Nasal Spray Proposed to Replace Synthetic Opioid Prescriptions

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The opioid crisis was recently labeled a national health emergency. More than 240,000 people have died between 1999 and 2017. About 65,094 have died in the last year alone. As opioid overdose rates continue to rise higher than they’ve ever been, experts in science and medicine are scrambling to find a solution that will effectively turn the tide of the opioid crisis. Thankfully, one team of scientists in London may have found one. This team developed a nasal spray that relieves pain without the risk of opioid dependence or potential overdose in patients.

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Shake Down at Steak ‘n Shake: St. Lucie’s Big Mi-Steak Drug Bust

Big Mi-Steak 1

On January 26th, 2018, barely one month into the New Year, the community of St. Lucie County witnessed one of the biggest drug busts in Florida’s recent history. Operation Big Mi-Steak, a lengthy joint-effort investigation by local law enforcement and several government agencies, saw to the takedown of dozens at a Steak ‘n Shake located off Okeechobee Road. It was here that authorities discovered a small group of drug dealers distributing a variety of illicit substances to their customers under the guise of regular restaurant operations. A total of 42 people, including 15 drug dealers, were arrested.

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