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Baby Boomers Track | Rehab for Baby Boomers

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Baby Boomers Track

Drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise by the middle-aged population in the United States. It’s estimated that about 4.3 million adults over the age of 50 have abused illicit drugs in the past year, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Particularly, there is cause for concern for the 65 and older population with abuse of prescription drugs. 

Many facilities cater to younger populations; however, at The Treatment Center Outpatient Services, our baby boomers track is designed for our middle-aged patients. With the baby boomers program, our patients can focus on their individual treatment and feel more comfortable relating to patients in a similar age group.

Baby Boomers - Outpatient Services

Benefits of a Baby Boomers Track

With several research studies showing an increase in addiction among people 50 and over, it’s evident that more specialized treatment is needed for boomers facing similar issues at this stage in their life.

For patients on the baby boomers track, patients may discuss with a primary therapist any underlying issues related to substance abuse, individually or in a group setting, such as: 

  • Midlife crisis 
  • Education on addiction and recovery in midlife
  • Relational problems (married, divorced, widowed, empty nesters)
  • Combating loneliness and depression
  • Family history of substance abuse
  • Frequent use of opiates (pain pills) benzodiazepines (tranquilizers)
  • How addiction affects the family dynamic
  • How to manage medications and stay sober
  • How to stay active and healthy midlife 

When patients feel more comfortable, they are more willing to open up about their past and share it individually or with a group of their peers. By discussing the above topics, patients learn how to cope better with individual stress, family stress, life-changing situations and traumatic events while maintaining their sobriety.

Why Baby Boomers Treatment is Needed

Baby Boomers - Outpatient TreatmentMidlife can be a time when many adjustments and stresses are going on simultaneously, whether it’s declining health, family stresses, divorce, work stress, etc. These changes all have an effect on mental health. Baby boomers are often going through lifestyle changes as well as hormonal, emotional, and financial changes, which can lead to a greater chance of depression, loneliness, and insomnia. 

Doctors frequently write prescriptions for pain pills and sleeping pills, which leave many baby boomers vulnerable to becoming dependent on drugs to treat pain from illnesses or fight insomnia. Abuse of prescription drugs and tranquilizers is a primary concern among middle-aged men and women, while alcoholism is more prevalent in middle-aged men. 

With about 75 percent of baby boomers having a history of addiction before the age of 25, treating the underlying issues that fuel addiction is crucial. Addiction treatment for baby boomers teaches patients how to cope with challenges later in life, restore the family dynamic, and thrive in addiction recovery. 

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