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The Treatment Center has been awarded the
Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.

About The Treatment Center Outpatient Services

The Outpatient Center is an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center in Lake Worth, FL. We provide comprehensive addiction counseling, therapy, addiction recovery programs, court liaison and case management services to people struggling with addiction and recovery-related issues who want to improve the quality of their lives.

Our approach to treating the disease of addiction hinges on individualized care and specialized tracks to treat each patient’s specific needs. We care about each of our patients and base our healing practice on nourishing the needs of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

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Our Philosphy

At The Treatment Center Outpatient Services, we believe that addiction recovery hinges on this holistic approach to healing. Through traditional and innovative treatment methods, patients are able to heal from the devastating effects of addiction.

Patients at The Treatment Center Outpatient Services receive a superior quality of care from our outpatient care team. Our physicians, therapists, counselors and staff recognize the dignity of each of our patients. We understand their suffering. Compassionate care is at the heart of everything we do.

With our outpatient programs and services, we are able to prepare patients for a life of sobriety.

What Makes Us Unique

The Treatment Center Outpatient Services is unique because of our dedication to the individual needs of our patients. We recognize that each patient who comes to us for help deserves personal attention and personal care. Our treatment team creates an individualized treatment plan for every patient at our outpatient facility.

We have a wide array of services to help our patients in every phase of their recovery, whether they’re 30 days, 3 months, or a year in recovery and beyond. Depending on the patient’s needs, they may receive the following services in their treatment plan:

With our intensive outpatient program, we do not just treat drug addiction and alcoholism; rather, we get to the root of addiction by addressing the underlying issues. Through our programs and services, we are able to treat the whole person. Our intensive outpatient programs prepare patients for a lifetime of sobriety.


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