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The Outpatient Center: Addiction Treatment in
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Addiction is a complex and difficult disease, requiring compassionate and professional treatment. At The Outpatient Center, patients get the full range of outpatient services needed to recover from addiction. If you need help in the Lake Worth, South Florida area reach out to The Outpatient Center today.

At the Outpatient Center the disease of addiction is successfully treated with individualized care, focusing on healing the mind, body and spirit. Compassionate staff understand the complexities of drug and alcohol addiction and know how to effectively treat it. Together, a team of medical doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists and nurses have decades of experience helping patients refocus, rediscover and rebuild their lives in lifelong recovery.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, in order for treatment to be effective it must address not only the invdivdual's drug abuse, but any associated social, vocational, psychological and legal problems. The Outpatient Center offers the most comprehensive addiction counseling, therapy, addiction recovery programs, court liaison and case management services to people struggling with addiction and recovery-related issues.

The Outpatient Center Counseling

Specialty Tracks for Healing

The Outpatient Center offers evidence-based therapies to help patients transition into recovery, maintain sobriety, and heal from chronic pain. A Traditional 12- step program is available, which combines personal and group therapies with educational programs to teach patients about addiction, the steps to recovery, and how to prevent relapse. In addition, while patients meet with a primary therapist, they also have the opportunity to meet in core groups that focus on specific needs.

Why Outpatient Addiction Care Is Important

There are many benefits to outpatient addiction care. Patients in an outpatient program can stay at home while getting daily intensive care and much needed emotional support. Some of the benefits of outpatient care are: Less strict schedule, more flexibility, ability to remain close to support network of family and friends, opportunity to learn helpful skills to live a sober life, therapy and education for the lifelong process of recovery, and convenience of staying familiar with work or school routine. While healing from addiction it is imperative to have a strong support system. The Outpatient Center will be that support system. When you participate in IOP (intensive outpatient treatment) you live at home but have the professional support you need to navigate family dynamics and life's difficult challenges. With the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program, you are able to establish a foundation for long term recovery support in your local community while undergoing treatment, instead of having to find support on your own after your recovery program.

Call The Outpatient Center Today To Get The Help You Need

Adjusting to life in sobriety takes longer than just a month or two. The Outpatient Center ensures patients are prepared with the resources and support needed to succeed and thrive in recovery long-term. Addiction is a difficult and complicated illness, but the road to healing doesn't have to be traveled alone. Reach out to the Palm Beach County, FL experts who know how to help. Contact or call The Outpatient Center at (844) 211-7944, for all of your addiction recovery needs. This is about you getting your life back, and The Outpatient Center is here to compassionately guide you.


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